Human Security & No Win No Fee Claims Against The Government.

The United Nations defines human security under six headings: Organised crime and criminal exploitation, armed conflict, genocide and mass murder, health and economic development, resources and ecology and last but not least, human rights and good governance. Human security, that is to say; protection from all these kinds of physical and psychological threats, is made a legal reality by the human rights act. Essential reading for anybody concerned with human rights and standards of public servant behaviour is the publication at the official government website.

If you are ever unfortunate enough to have your human rights abused in any way, the best route to redress and gat the compensation you deserve is through ‘no win no fee’ legal action.

It’s extremely important to realise that no win no fee claims from solicitors like NoWinNoFeeExpert are much more than simply a means to getting your hands on some compensation. They are the means to Justice, the keystone of civilisation. By holding public servants, companies and organisations to account, no win no fee legal actions, drive society in general and public bodies in particular, to maintain higher standards of conduct. Below are two examples of no win no fee claims that have had profound effects upon UK standards in society. The first is in the health arena and the second is in the field of terrorism law.

What should you do if vaccinations go wrong?

The National Health Service, in administering vaccinations to children and adults alike, is providing human security against various diseases. In some rare cases this can go wrong and vaccinations can seriously damage the health, and thereby the quality of life, of individuals and their carers is affected. The MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine is a case in point.

Back in 2010 a young man and his family were awarded £90,000 compensation because his routine MMR vaccine caused him to suffer epileptic fits and severe mental retardation. He had his first fit just ten days after being given the injection at 14 months of age. The first step his parents took was to claim compensation through the government’s ‘vaccination damage payment scheme’. This was rejected because the Department of Health judged there was no proven link between the boy’s disability and the vaccination.

The second step for the parents was not to give up, but rather to appeal this decision and engage specialist legal advice. This, after 18 years, paid off in the form of a judgement from a panel of experts that felt 10 days was too short a time frame to be considered a coincidence. This was the first case of compensation that was paid out to an MMR vaccine related victim. Clearly justice in this case was very slow in coming about, because it was a ground-breaking and precedent setting case. The path to justice has been beaten down because of this no win no fee legal action. Anybody suffering under the same situation will have cause to thank the parents of the young man in this case. The Department of Health has been made to be accountable for the consequences of its actions. Even though there is nobody to blame in this case, it should raise the standards of conduct of the department in future cases.

We all have rights to claim compensation even ‘terrorists’.

Terrorism is the scourge of our times. Everybody in the World suffers from a reduced feeling of human security because of the possibility that terrorists can strike, with deadly and debilitating effects, at any time. The very threat of international terrorism can make governments behave in ways that offend against our human security. There is a world of difference between a suspected terrorist and a proven one. The human rights act lays down the principle that everyone has a right to a fair trial and to be treated without discrimination under the legal process.

What to do if you’re wrongly arrested for ‘terrorism’ And Want to Make a No Win No Fee Claim.

Claim Against The Goverment Wrongful Arrest.The UK home office and police have been given sweeping powers to fight the threat of terrorism. No win no fee legal action is the only way to ensure these organisations adhere to the clear codes of conduct that are spelled out in the excellent human rights act publication referred to above.

Suing the police for wrongful arrest is the only way to clear your name, win compensation and hold the police and other organisations to account for their actions.

This is exactly what a student did in 2011 having been arrested under suspicion of terrorism in 2008. He is continuing to pursue justice from Nottingham University. Also, the deputy head of security at the university called in the police after the student had downloaded a ‘terrorist manual’. The document was shown to be a freely available publication and part of his legitimate research.

However, none of this mattered when he was held in solitary confinement for a week and had his good name smeared all over newspaper headlines of the time. His case never actually came to court, but rather there was an out of court settlement of £20 thousand. A salutary lesson for the police to be surer of the grounds for any arrest they make, no matter the urgency of terrorist investigations and the drive for results.

The main point being that none of this should have happened. But having happened, the only way to prevent it happening again is to resort to no-win no fee legal action.

How do you know if you have a legitimate claim for wrongful arrest or other breaches of the human rights act?

The simple answer is to talk to a lawyer. The police can legally hold you for 14 days, as long as they have permission from a judge, under the terrorism act. They can only hold a suspect for up to 12 hours for offences other than terrorism. To understand exactly what the police are and are not allowed to do with you from the time of an arrest please refer to the official government guide.




Human Security News

With Guantanamo Closed- Human Security Is Still Under Threat

The US government somehow managed to detain people in Guantanamo Bay with neither the US law, nor international law, yet this went on for years with the facility only being closed recently.

No one should ever be held outside the law, and the detainees who were inside the facility should have either been charged, and offered trials in court, or of course released. This was not the case though and the individuals inside were kept in illegal detention.

The Supreme Court in 2006 said that the US had jurisdiction over the facility, and detainees were allowed to sign petitions against their imprisonment, this. However, was ridiculous and the detention of the men was not under the Geneva Convention at all.

The controversial topic is forever cropping back into the media, perhaps more so recently. The ‘war on terror’ has reared its ugly head on the streets of England with the brutal murder of private Lee Rigby, the father who was serving the UK army, and was butchered to death on the streets of London in the name of Islam.

Also, of course, the rising numbers of UK teens flying out to Syria to engage in a battle by the name of religion. Many being imprisoned when they arrive back. The necessity of having the detainees kept in Guantanamo was supposed to have been out of the threat that they posed to society, of course though it is controversial now about just how much of a threat they posed with the recent release of 5 ‘terrorists; in exchange for one US army solider in Pakistan.

That is not forgetting the controversy about the George Bush and Tony Blair conversations, and the letters not being put into a public investigation. You cannot help but think that there was a huge cover-up and as a result human security was put into a severe threat.

Thankfully, the notorious Guantanamo Bay is now closed, and prisoners were released, or transferred to appropriate facilities, many of whom have received compensation for the long hours of interrogation they received at the hands of the US government. Some claiming that up to 20 hours were spent being questioned about their part in acts of terrorism. Many of the men being forced to say they committed crimes, in the hope of being able to put an end to the cruel torture that they received.

With the closure of Guantanamo, all we can hope is that a lesson was learned from this terrible act of human injustice, and of course pray that in future there will be more consideration and law put into place with the detention of prisoners. Human security should always be a priority, and the unfair imprisonment of anyone who is considered a terrorist, or criminal. A fair trial and of course, a charge must be enforced before imprisonment. As the saying goes ‘’innocent until proven guilty. Human security needs to be looked at in great detail all around the world.

Human Security Crimes

‘Human Security’ can never be Just Words

The World is a dangerous place. Every individual life is precarious, though some are in far more danger than others. Girls attending school in traditional Islamic states, for example are in a far more threatening position than say girls in France or Canada. Improving the chances of survival and the quality of life of all people and Peoples is the laudable aim of the United Nations.

So numerous and varied are the dangers that people face around the World that the UN coined the term ‘Human Security’ as a blanket shorthand reference term that that helps them organise and manage their efforts in this field humanitarian aid.

When the ‘cold war’ was at its height and American and Soviet nuclear annihilation was the biggest fear. Human security was more often than not thought of as ‘national security’ or even global. Nowadays the dangers people face are more local and national. However they are exponentially more diverse and complex. The UN therefore categorises the threats to human security into 6 arenas to be better able to tackle the problems, provide aid and support, promote peace and sustainable development of all human societies.

  • Organised crime and criminal exploitation. In the biological sense, homo sapiens are animals and too often in this World, societies become more akin to food chains than civilisations. Criminals get what they want by exploiting mainstream society. We can see this most spectacularly in Nigeria at this time. Where an organized group are taking by force, children from school and holding them to ransom. The more sophisticated, ie rich, a society, the more sophisticated are the criminal activities. Thus sex trafficking and modern slavery continue under the guise of a ‘free’ labor market.
  • Human rights and good governance. Governments and rulers of people, the World over should be public servants. Unfortunately, in far too many cases good governance is lacking and concepts such as basic human rights to free speech, freedom from persecution and terror, and the provision of justice, are just so much talk. The UN published it’s ‘Millenium Goals’ in 2000 in order to give expression to all these things and to help bring them about, firstly by making them quantifiable. Thus the government of Nigeria, which collects taxes from citizens, should be providing true security for all, but is failing to provide good governance in too many ways.
  • Armed conflict and military intervention, nortality rates due to war and factional fighting, as we see in Syria and so many other countries, is the true measure of human insecurity. Promoting peace through every means possible is the primary goal of the UN.
  • Genocide and mass murder. We know this happens. All right thinking people abhor it. Yet it is still very early days for the concept of ‘Responsibility to Protect’ or R2P.
  • Health and economic development, is the preserve of the rich developed World. Poverty, especially ‘extreme poverty’ is the mortal enemy of health and the nemesis of sustainable economic development.
  • Resources and ecology. The global capitalist system is providing much of the World’s Human Security but it does not guarantee equality or even fairness in distribution of resources. The true price of the developed World’s use of resources is being paid by the poor of the developing World.

Human Safety Health

A Look at the Controversial HPV Vaccine and Human Safety

Vaccines and safety for humans come hand in hand. One of the most controversial vaccinations that has come into contact with humans of recent years is the preventative HPV vaccination. In the United Kingdom and the US, this injection is used a lot. In fact, in the years 2006 to 2013 around fifty seven million of the injections were administered to people in the US alone. This article covers statistics that have been brought about with the use of the injection in society.

Health & SaftySo far, around twenty-two thousands of the injections taken by girls in the US have resulted in complications. Out of the 22,000, 92 per cent of the cases were listed as being not serious. They are listed serious, only if the female required hospitalisation a result of having the vaccine, or if the girl had a disability that was brought about as a result of taking the jab. In 2009, a peak in that number was recorded.

Mild Side effects of those that got ill after the vaccination:

  • Some girls reported fainting
  • Dizziness was very common
  • Feeling sick, and vomiting
  • Getting a fever
  • Breaking out in hives
  • Redness
  • Swelling of the area

Severe Side Effects of Those Taking the Vaccination

Side effects of unknown frequency
These include:

  • Problems with the blood, like bleeding and bruising that cannot be explained
  • Feeling cold
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Feeling very sick
  • Guillain Barre Syndrome
  • Pain in the joints
  • Pain in the muscles and tenderness
  • Lymphadenopathy
  • Severe fitting
  • Vomiting bouts
  • Loss of energy

The most common side effects were not thought to be a cause for concern, but the side effects are not different to the ones that were experienced by people during clinic trials. This is when the vaccine was not of course under approval for release by the FDA.

Although campaigners say that the vaccination was not safe and calls for it to be stopped, have been made, the government still continues to administer what is considered to be a lifesaving vaccination. And given the alarming rate of cervical cancer at the moment around the globe, there is no surprise in the government’s reluctance to put a stop to administering what can, in fact, save a great deal in health care, and cancer treatment, by stopping the cancer, before it begins.

Later Studies In 2011

In 2011 when the VSD studied, this further, 600,000 administrations of the Gardasil vaccination were looked into. The adverse events that had occurred were considered and compared to the population, like teenagers that had taken vaccines other than HPV. When the results were back in, the severe cases were not thought to be any more risky than those experienced from other vaccines. So, until now, it is considered safe. Human safety with regards to vaccinations is always going to be a controversial topic and no doubt with the continuous advancement in human science, there will be more and more injections put under scrutiny, and looked at if they are safe or not.